VIP Security Protection | Armed Escorts | Port Elizabeth | Eastern Cape


The basic duty of a Close Protection Officer, also known as a CPO, is to protect the clients physical well-being, peace of mind and privacy, to the full extent of the nature of protection. A CPO is well trained, experienced and demonstrates their professional knowledge and ability in order to gain the clients confidence. They will also have a smart appearance, be courteous, confident and efficient.


By using trained and qualified CPO’s or armed guards with CIT qualifications, we will transport your valuables and assets to their relevant destinations, eliminating the risk of loss. Our company will move the clients’ valuables and assets safely and securely at a low profile, as to divert any unnecessary attention.


Today companies, production plants, produce farms etc are all being affected by lawful or unlawful strike actions, whereby things can quickly get out of control. We have various teams ready to deploy at a moments notice around the country, who can be put in place to protect the company, assets, production lines, crops etc allowing businesses to continue as best as it can during these circumstances with minimal interruptions. All our SP’s are trained to handle these situations and are fully geared with the right equipment needed in order to safeguard the client, premises and assets allowing the companies and clients to continue trading as best as possible under the circumstances


Due to the increase in vehicle hijacking and theft, VIPER ASP has affiliated itself with a JHB based company – NO JACK – who assists us in conducting vehicle and asset tracking and recovery. VIPER ASP will supply, install and monitor all devices. Once a vehicle/asset is reported to us, an anti-hijacking unit is immediately despatched to recover the vehicle/asset. NO JACK uses state of the art tracking and monitoring equipment, allowing us to track up to a 2m pinpoint radius.


Security drivers are well trained professional drivers, trained to be vigilant of their surroundings, have good route knowledge and are fully qualified to drive you safely and securely from point A to point B. Whether armed or unarmed drivers are required, you can have peace of mind that they will get you to your destination safely.


VIPER ASP only uses screened and vetted employees. All guards have been professionally trained and are qualified and competent to carry out their duties in a professional manner. All guards are equipped with the right tools for the job. Should they require back up assistance, they have an 24 hour tactical armed response team that will assist them.


This is when placing CPO’s or guards in designated areas, to secure and protect the clients residence or asset (eg: home, work, hotel, retail shop, vehicle, hotel room, business, etc) to ensure the client or asset is safe at all times, providing peace of mind. Keeping in mind that the clients’ entire family, may be gathered together at this point, where they should be able to relax in privacy, away from the stresses of the outside world. Or keeping a watchful eye on an asset that is of high value or importance to the client.